How to Find a Great Roulette Online Casino in the United Kingdom

Looking for a roulette online casino may not seem that difficult but finding the best option in the United Kingdom takes a bit of research. Understanding the various roulette rules, strategies, and even promos can help you not only learn to play roulette, but also win big in the process

An Interesting History on Roulette

Though no one is entirely certain when and where roulette was first introduced, it was being played in Paris in its current form as early as 1796, and it has been a staple in UK, US, and Canadian land-based casinos since their introduction. Roulette online casino options have been in existence since the 1990s, and almost every internet-based gambling venue offers at least one form of this ever-popular game.

How Popular is the Game in the UK?

The roulette online casino is especially popular in the United Kingdom thanks to its relatively simple rules and wide range of betting options. Anyone can play, whether they're gambling experts or they've never seen a roulette wheel in their lives. The goal is to guess where the ball will land after the wheel is spun by betting on groups of colors and/or numbers. The more difficult the prediction, the higher the potential payout, and the more likely the prediction, the lesser the payout.

Online Casino Roulette Variations

In today's modern roulette online casinos, there are three different variations of the game, and each of these is marked by a slightly different wheel.

  • European - In this version, you can place bets on the numbers 0 through 36 and there is only one single zero on the wheel. This means your odds of winning are slightly higher than with the other options.
  • American - In American roulette, the wheel contains a single 0 and a double 00, which reduces your odds of winning ever so slightly. Though you can find the American wheel in online casinos in the UK, the European wheel is far more popular.
  • French - The French and European wheels are exactly the same as far as numbers and zeroes are concerned, but the layout of the wheel is slightly different and there are fewer betting options available with this version than its European counterpart. French wheels are fairly rare in online casinos.
  • Multiwheel - You can find online multiwheel games in the European, American, and French layouts. One bet covers numerous wheels, and you can win numerous times with a single wager.

A Few Roulette Strategies to Win More Often

You can win far more often in a roulette online casino if you follow a few simple tips and strategies. These include:

  • Even Money Bets - Though it can be tempting to bet on a single number, the odds of winning are very low. Rather, consider placing even money bets - red or black, even or odd, etc. - for more frequent but smaller wins.
  • Casino Bonuses - Casino bonuses and promotions are like free money, so pick them up when you create your account or make your deposit. These can help you grow your bankroll significantly.
  • One Spin Doesn't Affect the Outcome of the Next - Remember that no matter how many times in a row the wheel lands on black or odd, the outcome of those spins has no bearing on the next. Use a tested betting strategy and stick to it.

Using Casino Promos to Test Out Table Games for Free

One of the best things about finding a roulette online casino is the fact that you can take advantage of various promos to try the different roulette wheels, rules and venues. All you have to do is find a promo that works for your playstyle, then head to the wheel of your choice and start placing bets. Over time, you can try several venues across the UK and find the one that best suits your individual needs and playstyle. Depending on the bonus and the casino, you might even be able to win some real cash with your promo!

Roulette is one of the most popular games in any UK casino for very good reason. There is no other game that provides such a wide variety of bets and allows you to be as safe or as risky as you choose with every new wager you place. Over time, if you play safely and manage your bankroll appropriately, you can win a sizeable sum of money, as well.